Record cold this morning

By Meteorologist Mike Skurko

Record cold temperatures greeted the Pioneer Valley this morning.  Here is the list of low temperatures across western Mass this morning, courtesy of National Weather Service SKYWARN spotters:

Heath: -16
Easthampton: -14
Greenfield: -13
Colrain: -12
Monson: -11
Palmer: -11
Amherst: -10
Deerfield: -10
East Longmeadow: -9
Shelburne: -9
Charlemont: -8
West Springfield: -8
Granville: -7
Northampton: -7
Chester: -6
Shutesbury: -6
Williamsburg: -6
Springfield: -5
Chicopee: -5
Ware: -4

Meanwhile, the official records dating back to 1905 are kept at Bradley International, which recorded an overnight low of -9.

wx blog

I guess we shouldn’t complain too much though.  This is a raw computer model of the temperature at 7 a.m. Sunday morning.  That shade of red across Minnesota indicates temperatures (not wind chills) of 20 degrees below zero and colder.  Gray, white, and pink are also temperatures below zero.

wx blog2

(Click to enlarge and see the actual numbers)


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