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Storm Reports
September 8, 2012

By Meteorologist Mike Skurko

Tonight’s system delivered widespread wind damage reports across the Northeast, including here in western Massachusetts.  All of the blue dots on the map below correspond to wind damage reports sent in to the National Weather Service as of 9 p.m.  Also notice the red near New York City…where a waterspout came ashore near Queens and caused some damage, with a second tornado hitting Brooklyn.

Here is a sample of the damage reports from western Massachusetts tonight:
427 PM: Montague, MA: Tree and Wires Down on East Chester Road
447 PM: Bernardston, MA: Tree and Power Lines and Pole Down on Shaw Road (non-tstorm Winds)
505 PM: Montague, MA: Tree and Wires Down on Chestnut Hill Road
532 PM: Peru, MA: 12″ Diameter Tree down on Baumann Road
544 PM: Pittsfield, MA: Tree down blocking Road
621 PM: Sheffield, MA: Wires Down on Undermountain Road
636 PM: Conway, MA: Tree down Blocking Route 116
636 PM: Ashfield, MA: Tree down on wires on Hill Road
647 PM: Northampton, MA: 45 MPH measured wind gust near northampton airport with handheld aneomometer
703 PM: Northampton, MA: Trees and Wires Down on King Street and Trumble
716 PM: Southwick, MA: Large Limb Down on Wires/Trees and Wires down on Sheep Pasture Road
730 PM: Springfield, Ma: manhole covers popping off from heavy rain on Route 20
826 PM: Wales, MA: .80″ of rain in 40 Minutes/.90″ for the event


Fall 2012 preview
September 2, 2012

By Meteorologist Mike Skurko

The start of September brings the start of meteorological fall…a division of the four seasons that splits the calendar evenly among the months rather than the true astronomical seasons.  Meteorological fall…which comprises of September, October, and November…features a bunch of key dates as we transition towards winter.  Be sure to circle these on your calendar:

Sept. 22 – fall equinox

Sept. 29 – average date of first frost in Springfield

Oct. 1 – earliest snow on record at Bradley Int’l (trace in 1981)

Oct. 10 – earliest measurable snow on record at Bradley Int’l (1.7 inches in 1979)

mid-October – leaves reach peak color across western Massachusetts

Oct. 29 – One-year anniversary of the October Nor’easter

Nov. 5 – halfway point of autumn, average high: 55, average low: 36

Nov. 17 – average low temperature drops to 32 degrees

Nov. 22 – Thanksgiving Day

August 2012 in review
September 1, 2012

By Meteorologist Mike Skurko

This August will go down as warmer than normal, putting us in the “dog days of summer” at times this past month.  Our average high temperature at Bradley International was 85.7 degrees, exactly 3 degrees above average.  We also got above 90 degrees on six occasions, while we normally average four 90-degree days in August.  Our average overnight low was 62.5 degrees, which is 1.4 degrees above normal.

The rainfall this month was average, but very sporadic.  We had a total of 4.12 inches of rain, while our average for August is only 3.93 inches.  However, only 8 out of 31 days this month actually recorded measurable rainfall.

Drought conditions are slightly easing up across western Massachusetts, as shown on the map below.  The area shaded in light brown represents moderate drought conditions at the end of August.  At the end of July, 52% of Massachusetts was under moderate drought conditions.  Now, this map shows only 19% of Massachusetts under moderate drought conditions.